Saturday, May 3, 2008

Kentucky Rolex Dressage Warm-up

Day 3 - Dressage Warm-up photos

Canadian rider Sandra Donnelly aboard Buenos Aires about to enter the dressage ring to do her test. Her commendable test left her with a score of 55.6, which ended up leaving her tied for 20th. Check out her braids!!! WOW!

Heidi White and Northern Spy and Lynn Symansky and No It Tissant in the background

Tangleman and Paleface

British rider Polly Stockton dressage warm up with her long-term partner Tangleman

Canadian Young Rider Waylon Roberts aboard the flashy-faced Paleface. They ended up with a score of 67.0 to put them into 32nd place.


sue said...

your pictures are beautiful..... those horses are amazing..... thank you for sharing them with us!!!!

Jessica said...

My blogger-partner-in-crime, Katie, is just getting ready to do her first show with her new horse, Willoughby. She's been working really hard with him!

I'll make sure she sees your blog! I think it will inspire her!

photogchic said...

Tangleman looks HUGE! Great pics:-)

Rising Rainbow said...

The pictures look great. It would be amazing to actually be at the rolex.

ae said...

Great report Emma! Thank you for sharing all the positive and cheerful aspects of the Rolex Cup!:)