Monday, May 12, 2008

X-Country - Highs and Lows

This is Paleface and Waylon Roberts a Canadian Young Rider only 19 yrs old.

woops a little fall but nothing serious...the rider got back on. Click on image to see sequence larger.


Jessica said...

Hey, Emma.

Thanks for the personal account of the event. It must have been quite an emotional roller-coaster to see all those amazing horses and the tragedy, too.

I agree with you that it would be good if some change came out of it. Both this and racing can be done well and with less risk to the participants, I think. I wish I had the answers!

Thanks again for sharing your experiences.

Rising Rainbow said...

Yes, I heard about the tragedy at Rolex. I hope that something can happen to make it safer.

photogchic said...

So many horse events that need to evolve with the times. Horse racing, rodeos, eventing, western pleasure, charreadas, soring Tennessee Walkers, etc....those are just some that come to mind. Tragic that people put entertainment before the welfare of the animal.

Luísa Lima said...

Hi Emma,

Greetings from Portugal! I came in through Ana's blog and I liked to see the equestrian side of your side of the world!
It's amazing that you get to see events like those live and in color... Although I also think something should be done to make eventing safer, both for the horses and participants!



P.S. I also have a blog where I post my (equestrian) photography work, . Enjoy :-)