Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event

Day 1: On the drive down the truck & horse trailer break down :(

Day 2: We arrive safe and sound and meet the x-country course!!!

I am nearly 5'8 and my feet were not reaching the end on the jump. There was an extra 2 feet!!!!


photogchic said...

Looks like an amazing course. What a fun trip, despite the breakdown:-(

withlove said...

more please : )

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow! Some of those jumps look like art. lol

ae said...

Sorry for the truck breakdown!... but it looks like you had a great time! The jumps look very "artistic"!!! Great Scenery! :)

EquineMan said...

That was a very good blog..

I am new to the blog scene as well but love to poke around and find jewels like yours.

That is a serious wide jump! I have never attended an event like that before and will have to one day.

My dream is to be able to start a magazine off of the funds that may generate from my sites.

Good luck and great blogging.

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